Frequently Asked Questions

Is your name really Karen?

Nope, it’s Arin.

How did you get your band name?

Someone misheard Arin’s name & she took it as an alias

How do I contact you/book your band?

Please visit our contact page & fill out the form.

What genre are you?

Pop music

What’s the difference between Karen Meat Rock n Roll & Karen Meat?

Karen Meat Rock n Roll is the original members of Arin, Brad, & John. Arin and Brad do the songwriting together. Whereas, Karen Meat on tour is only Arin & Dana with separate songs & sound.

Where can I see y’all on tour?

Look under our Tour tab! We mainly update our social media pages. Feel free to follow us on Instagram (@karenmeat), like us Facebook (Karen Meat), or follow us on Spotify (Karen Meat) for updates.

Does Karen Meat Rock n Roll ever tour?

No. You have to come to Des Moines to see us.

Can I buy you a shot?

No thanks.

Is your name Arin or Karen?


Do you play an instrument?


Where can I buy your merch?

You should be buying it at our shows!! But, you can find it under the “merch” tab.

Are you sure your name isn’t Karen?


~This page will be updated as we get more stupid questions as time goes on~